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Scott Drummond
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I made some Clip Studio Paint Brushes from scans of the pens I use! I thought I'd share for you to enjoy. If you want to leave a donation, that would be fantastic! Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by!


February 2021 Update! I added some new brushes I've created over the past year or so. These include a new, thicker brush pen (Tachi Brush Pen), a Rectangle Frame based on the 0.7 Brush (so your Frame Borders look hand-drawn), a Double Outline brush based on the Japanese Brush Pen, a Pencil Curve, and an Ambient Occlusion Airbrush.

I recently found the original scans for the Multiliners, so I may go back and rebuild them to work with any color, since they only work as black pens now. So, stay tuned for that update, I guess. Enjoy!


March 2019 Update! I've added a new Japanese Brush Pen: The Kuretame 55! I actually build this brush in my new YouTube video here:

If you want to build your own brushes, I think you'll find it very helpful!

Plus, a Dipple version of the 0.05 and some Curve tools using the Japanese Brush Pen and Coptic Brush S. Enjoy!


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Scott's Clip Studio Paint Pens

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